| Euro GNC 2017 - 4th CEAS Specialist Conference on Guidance, Navigation & Control


     25 - 27 April 2017, Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Warsaw University of Technology with cooperates with Rzeszow Uniwersity of Technology

     The CEAS EuroGNC Conference aims to promote scientific and technical excellence in the fields of Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) in aerospace. The European Aerospace GNC Conference 2017 will serve as a platform for communication and information exchange between specialists in these fields. Scientists and engineers from industry, research institutes and universities involved in the development of novel GNC methods, applications or technologies are invited to attend the fifth EuroGNC Conference. Presentations should primarily be focused on technical and scientific aspects of GNC architectures, algorithms and methods as well as on actual experience gained from real-life applications in those fields.

As the European countries host a large community of scientists and engineers working in the many fields of aerospace GNC, the motive behind this international conference is to stimulate synergy among these fields.

To ensure scientific depth and a technological orientation, submission of papers of managerial nature such as project descriptions, strategies or plans is not encouraged.